Heat Beats Boston in 105-103 Thriller to Stretch Win Streak to 23

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With the game tied at 103 and less than 20 seconds left, the basketball found itself exactly where Miami Heat fans would prefer it never leave: LeBron James's hands. Game. Blouses. It's a Miami Heat World right now, ladies and gentlemen, and we are just living in it.

James rattled in a jumper with 10.3 seconds remaining that would be the difference in what was the 23rd straight victory for your Miami Heat, the second-longest winning streak in NBA history behind only the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers' incredible 33 in a row.

James finished with 37 points, seven rebounds, and 12 assists in what was yet another classic performance by the best player in the universe. Faced with the challenge of overcoming a 17-point second-quarter deficit and a career-high 43 points from the Celtics' Jeff Green, the Miami Heat needed every single ounce of the LeBron James greatness this night -- and he delivered. AGAIN.

Mario Chalmers poured in 21 of his own, while Dwyane Wade shook off early foul trouble to score 16. The box score will tell you Shane Battier had just six points and four rebounds, but that box score has a filthy whore mouth because no box score can measure just how big he was in this game. Time and time again, Battier's clutch defense and smarts seem to be the difference, like when Battier bounced the ball off an unsuspecting Paul Pierce's ass to start the clock at the end of the game to negate any chance Boston had at fouling Miami and getting one last shot.

The play of the game was inarguable. It was borderline criminal:

Annnnnnnnnnnd we are all now pregnant. Poor Jason Terry had no chance. He was thrown into a Miami Heat pass-drill Gravitron ride that ended with LeBron jumping off the top rope and laying him to rest on the floor at 150 mph. There were no survivors. Jason Terry's DNA is forever changed. Before the game, Terry said he didn't care about the Miami Heat or its streak. After the game, Terry said, "Pancakes make a poo-poo pee-pee?" Then he barked like a dog and put his pants on his arms and walked out of the locker room. Jason Terry will never be the same.

LeBron received a technical foul for "taunting" after the play, even though he would argue he wasn't taunting as much as he was wanting to check Jason Terry's wallet to see if he was an organ donor. After the play, I quickly got a sit-down with former Knicks guard John Starks, and this was his reaction to the play.

Yes, John Starks, this dude just indeed just did this.

Streak Watch takes you to Cleveland next for a matchup with the Cavs this Wednesday night. The Cavs will be without Kyrie Irving, their dynamic, often-injured point guard. The Cavs will also be without being the Miami Heat. Sucks to be them.

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I thought for sure the Celtics were going to pull this one off, but along came Lebron and his heartbreaking ways.I was secretly hoping for the streak to end, which would make my Nugget’s streak the league’s longest, but it’s hard to hate on Lebron and the Heat when they are playing the way they have been lately.I caught the second half on my iPad after my shift at DISH ended, and my new iPad app lets me take my live TV and DVR with me wherever I go.I ride the bus home most nights, so when I left work I flipped on my iPad (Androids too) and the app and watched on the bus ride as if I were right at home in front of my TV.I like being able to connect with the action as soon as I’m done at work, and having my TV with me makes my commutes a LOT more enjoyable!

William Gallosa
William Gallosa

just wondering, can they play for the dolphins as well ?

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