Heat Coach Erik Spolestra Has a Hot Young Dancer Girlfriend He's Been Keeping Secret

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Do you ever find yourself wondering about the personal life of Miami Heat coach Erik Spolestra? Surely, you've thought, "I bet he's got a wife. Maybe married his college sweetheart or something. Probably got a couple of cute, young cerubric young children." Clearly someone has, because when you type his name into Google the first few autocomplete suggestions that follow are "girlfriend," "wife," and "married."

And then you check his Wiki page and find out that he's single, which is kind of depressing. If Erik Spolestra can't find love, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Surely the man deserves someone to come home to, who can look him deep in the eyes and say, "Don't worry about all those blogs that say a Roomba could have coached this team to a championship. They couldn't have done it with out you. You're an excellent coach ... and a better lover."

Well, worry not. Because Spolestra has secretly been dating a former Miami Heat dancer for two years now and finally went public with the romance over the weekend.

According to Gossip Extra, 42-year-old Spo stepped out at a fundraiser this weekend with 24-year-old Nikki Sapp. The gal is a Miami native who started dancing with the Heat back in 2006 shortly after she turned 18.

nikki-sapp-6.jpg 1,024×768 pixels.jpg
Though, she's since moved on professionally. Her website says she's now the gallery director at Guy Hepner Contemporary Art Gallery in Los Angeles. She also has a clothing line, naturally, called "Forever Miss Nik." She's also moved on follicly as well, and is now rocking brunette hair.

There's been rumors the two have been an on-and-off couple for a while, but this is apparently the first time Spo and Sapp have stepped out in public in such an official way.

Checkmate, Ryan Tannehill.

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And she better keep sitting on coach's face if she wants to keep her job. Who the fuck ever said men & women were equal???


Another native natural blond. Way to go coach. 


@Bigdic Guess you missed the part where she is NOT currently a heats dancer but is living in LOS ANGELES. Moron.

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