Did Assassins Give Hugo Chavez Cancer? Conspiracies Fly As Groups Request CIA Docs

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Hugo Chavez
Hugo Chávez once said, "If they kill me, the name of the person responsible is George Bush."

Bush is long gone from office, of course. But now that the larger-than-life leftist is dead, some in Venezuela believe that the U.S. really is to blame. On Tuesday, Chávez's handpicked successor, Nicolas Maduro, said the president had been "attacked" by the country's "historical enemies" and called for a scientific investigation.

Even some people in the United States suspect their own government whacked Chávez. Yesterday, three American civil rights groups announced they had officially requested all of Uncle Sam's records on the socialist.

The request was made by the civil rights group the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, the antiwar ANSWER Coalition, and Liberation Newspaper.

In letters sent Tuesday to the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the State Department, the trio demanded all documents on Chávez:

This request in made in light of the U.S. government's acknowledged history of knowledge and possession of information regarding, and/or participation in, attempts to assassinate foreign leaders. The acknowledged attempts by the U.S. Government to assassinate foreign leaders, include Fidel Castro, Rafael Trujillo, and General René Schneider Chereau (See, e.g.., January 3, 1975 Memorandum of Conversation between President Gerald Ford and CIA Director William E. Colby), among others [secured by the National Security Archives pursuant to the FOIA].

The public has an urgent and compelling need for information underlying any effort to assassinate the President of Venezuela, including any knowledge the U.S. government has or had regarding such efforts and in particular any role the U.S. government had in such efforts.
The United States does have a long and sordid history of armed intervention in Latin America, including coups against democratically elected leaders such as Chile's Salvador Allende and Guatemala's Jacobo Arbenz.

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A woman celebrates in Doral following Chavez's death on Tuesday
But the U.S. government has denied giving Chávez cancer. "An assertion that the United States was somehow involved in causing President Chávez's illness is absurd, and we definitely reject it," State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said.

Maduro isn't the only one calling foul play. Eva Golinger, a lawyer and writer closely linked to the Chávez administration, claimed she has "evidence" that the U.S. induced the president's illness.

"There is evidence that 70 years ago they tried to assassinate then Cuban President Fidel Castro with radiation, in addition to other methods," Golinger told Venezuelan paper Últimas Noticias. "We can only imagine the weapons capacity the U.S. possesses today."

Unfortunately, it will probably be another 70 years before the CIA actually releases the requested records.

And if the Venezuelan government really wanted the truth about Chávez's death, it shouldn't have hidden his illness from the public for nearly two years. The government has never divulged the kind of cancer the president had and, as late as Tuesday morning, insisted he was recovering.

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Unfortunately the USA has a history of killing foreign leaders, especially ones who would want to benefit the poor and powerless in their own country. The history is long and shocking. Enough to conclude that the USA is more concerned about securing the natural wealth of resource rich countries than promoting 'democracy'. It's just a shame US residents are so credulous of their leaders.

There are many examples, here is just one. Congo 1960 Patrice Lumumba , yanks with Belgium worked on assassinating the democratically elected leader of Congo, as he had stated that he wanted to rebuild Congo for the benefit of the Congolese. Obviously USA couldn't have that so they instigated a programme of destabilisation and murder. They even tried to kill him by poising his toothbrush if not kill him, they figured, then at least disfigure enough not to be ' a leader of men' .

It's such a shame a country founded on such high ideals has turned out to be a leader of evil in the world. That's the leaders, not the people. Wouldn't surprise me at all to find they had a hand in Chavez death, they have done it many times before.


Well you all maybe correct,or not.However judgeing from the U.S.A,,C.I.A,,D.E.A.,,F.A.R.K,,,history,,this in my humble opinion,it has to do w/coca...The U.S. has a terrible history of respecting other cultures ,,taking them by force,even killing to exstiction,if ,''they'' can gain money from something their culture has.This ,''War on Drug'' is a failure,and since ,'they'' have convince non thinking americans they can do what ever they want to people if they falselyput the word ,''drug'' infront of any product from nature..Our government has put it in black and white,''they percieve the internet as the wild wild west,and they need to control it,un-quote,''.My point is,,if there ise nothing legally wrong w/drugs,,the agency's I mentioned above,don't get a paycheck.Hugo,Evo,and some Doctors here,the W.H.O. even,have stated that coca used in its traditional form is only coca.The U.S.want coca dead,exterminated,,The way to do this is thru propaganda,and killing those who can prove this,that coca is only coca.If I was Evo,,i wouldn't eat anything from any country who sides w/the U.S.A,  on the extremist prohibition of natural herbal medicines,,that can be chemically changedwith those chemicals only into a terrible street drug..He would notbe the first man our government has done this too,if its true,,,paita


The article sounds a little crazy considering the quote by Eva Golinger.  I looked up the source material because 70 years ago, Fidel Castro would have been 16 years old.  She said "Since the 1970's" not for seventy years.  The New Times needs to fact check before posting stuff as fact when it is in fact a bad translation from the source material.  


This is typical thinking coming from ignorant uneducated meatheads in a 3rd world country. Chavez conspirators need look no further than his lifestyle & genetics. That country thrives on red meat, smoking, drinking copious amounts of booze, numerous STD's from sluts & a family history that did the same things before him. Sing in hell Chavez. Wah wah boo hoo hoo.


@mckernan_b As this article points out, the CIA has a history of trying -- and sometimes succeeding -- to kill leaders around the world, including Latin America. Do I think that the CIA gave Chavez cancer? No. Is it just bombast Maduro is using to solidify his support? Probably. But CIA assassination theories aren't insane.


@MikeMillerMiami There is, was not a fucking thing to be gained by offing Chavez. There is not one iota of material worth the effort by the CIA to knock off these scumbags. The news media & Maduro will sell a lot of papers & make some $$ while blowing smoke up the ignorant poor of Caracas.


@mckernan_b I get your point but there are 3 million reasons for the U.S. to "knock off" Chavez. That's the number of barrels of oil per day produced in the country. Given the U.S.'s support for the 2002 coup, and its involvement in past interventions in Latin America, an assassination attempt on Chavez is by no means far fetched. Probably didn't happen, but certainly not impossible.

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