Hugo Chavez, Like Lenin Before Him, Will Have His Dead Body Permanently Displayed

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During his political life, Hugo Chavez took more than a few pages out of the playbook of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, and the emulation will continue even in death.

To this day, Lenin's embalmed body is still on display in Red Square in Moscow. Now, acting Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro announced today that Chavez's body will be permanently displayed in a similar fashion in Caracas.

Chavez's body will be displayed at the Museum of the Revolution, close by to the presidential palace where Chavez ruled for 14 years.

As of now, Chavez's body is being displayed in a glass-top casket at a military academy. Tens of thousands of people have already viewed the body. His body will lie in state for at least seven more days.

His official funeral will begin tomorrow morning.

Some supporters had wanted Chavez's body entombed in the National Pantheon of Venezuela, where Simón Bolívar's body lays in rest (except, you know, for that time Chavez had him exhumed in a crazy failed plot to prove that Bolívar had been poisoned). Some even wanted the two to rest next to each other, despite the fact that Bolivar remains a hero throughout South America and not just to leftist followers of Chavez. Though, a change to the constitution would have to be made to have allow that.

Chavez may be dead, but it appears with moves like this his predecessors may try to keep the cult of personality that surrounded him alive for a long while. 

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chipahoy topcommenter

Since when did the Venezuelan constitution ever get in the way of Chavez doing what he wanted? Their constitution isnt worth the paper its printed on, a worthless pontification good only for wiping your kola! 


Some stupid shit here. Chavez & Simon Bolivar should be displayed holding hands & sucking each other's cocks because they were both homophobes & cock suckers.


Here is a more appropriate heading perhaps:

Hugo Chavez like Lenin before him, is now reduced to a permanently speechless display item.

drakemallard topcommenter

Considering Lenin's waxed body lies within 100m of the presidential office, the issue of Vladimir Ilyich's interment is one no Russian leader can ignore. In 2001, in his second year in office, president Vladimir Putin said that "the country has lived under a 70-year long communist monopoly on politics. It's a lifetime of an entire generation, and people associate Lenin's name with their own lives. To them, Lenin's interment would mean that they've been worshipping false ideals, set false goals and that their lives have been lived in vain."

Nine years later, when the aforementioned demographic of people who grew up in the Soviet Union and closely associated themselves with the communist ideology began to shrink, Putin said, "In due time the Russian people are going to decide on the matter. History can't be hasty

Shanna Lynn Doyle
Shanna Lynn Doyle

I can't believe there are people who actually think he was a good leader and an advocate for the poor


@Isaidy Pinto-Cribeiro Blow my 11.5 inch cock sweet cheeks.

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