"Jumper" in the Water Off 79th Street Causeway, Condition Unknown UPDATED

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79th Street Bridge
Someone appears to have fallen from the 79th Street Causeway, although it's not yet clear whether it was a suicide attempt or an accident.

"We do have a person in the water, but we are not sure of their condition," said Miami Police spokesman Freddie Cruz. A spokesman for North Bay Village Police said it was a "jumper."

UPDATE: Miami police say the man was a fisherman who fell into the water by accident. Cops sent in rescue divers, but the man died at the scene. Police have not yet revealed his identity.

Passersby -- including New Times' own Alex Rodriguez -- reported traffic delays and heavy police presence on the bridge: Follow Miami New Times on Facebook and Twitter @MiamiNewTimes.

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Carl Snyder
Carl Snyder

Maybe it was the causeway cannibal....or some other Zombie. Sure were not filming an episode of the Walking Dead?

Cari Garcia
Cari Garcia

Sorry but this isn't news, between 3-5 people jump off the Julia Tuttle causeway every month.


that bridge is not that tall. i would jump off it for fun :)

Deana G
Deana G

@Cari Garcia Some people travel to and from this area on a daily basis. This is news I'd like to know considering I live nearby and have to cross this bridge everyday.  Its nice to know there's traffic so I can take another route.

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