MDPD Kills Man Who Jumped Into Cruiser, Tried to Run Down Cops

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What started as a simple check into a man suspiciously peering into cars on a residential block in southwest Dade turned into a violent showdown when the suspect jumped into a police cruiser and tried to run down the cops.

Before he could strike any police, though, an officer shot and killed the man behind the wheel of the cruiser.

The deadly shooting began as an ordinary call to MDPD about someone peering into cars near SW 77th Street and 162nd Avenue, says Det. Alvaro Zabaleta, an MDPD spokesman, in a release.

When officers arrived, they tried to interview the man about what he was up to, but he was uncooperative, Zabeleta says, and gave "false information and refused to provide a reasonable explanation for his presence and conduct."

The cops tried to handcuff him, but he resisted and a "violent struggle" ensued. The suspect wriggled free, jumped into a police car, and tried to run over the officers -- until one pulled out his service weapon and killed the man.

Riptide has requested the names of the suspect and the officer involved in the shooting. We'll update the post when that information is released.

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Perhaps if the would have turned off the car and removed the keys from the ignition...  Good thing they did not let the man hold one of their loaded weapons.

Palangana topcommenter

Nowhere near Palmetto Bay

tim.elfrink moderator editor

@Palangana My bad. Google Maps decided to flip the street and avenue on me, and boom, I was in Palmetto Bay. Thanks for the catch. 

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