Miami Beach Activist Blasts Proposal to Legalize Booze on Beach UPDATED

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Miami Beach litter.jpg
courtesy of Frank Del Vecchio
Miami Beach near the Sixth Street lifeguard stand
Today, Miami Beach city commissioners are considering a proposal to legalize drinking on the sand. But according to one local activist, the idea is idiotic.

"Nobody wants kids getting drunk on the beach," says South Beach gadfly Frank Del Vecchio. "They already throw bottles, vomit, and urinate all over the place. If this passes, we will be inundated!"

The former prosecutor provided this photo of SoBe's trash-strewn sands -- taken Monday -- as evidence.

UPDATE: Late last night, Interim City Manager Kathie Brooks asked that the proposal be deferred at the behest of the Greater Miami & the Beaches Hotel Association.

Del Vecchio says he and scores of South Beach residents will protest the proposal when it's brought up during today's commission meeting.

The idea of allowing companies with beach concessions -- such as hotels that already serve food and soft drinks -- to also sell alcohol on the beach was first proposed by commissioner Jerry Libbin in 2010.

At the time, however, Del Vecchio rallied dozens of protesters to oppose the change. The idea was scrapped.

Del Vecchio accuses Libbin of once again trying to sneak the language into law without locals noticing.

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Mr. Del Vecchio; God bless your soul. and thank you for your efforts in keeping south beach safe against the winds of greed.


a truly concerned resident.


Nikki Beach is a nightclub in Pier Park.  Smith and Wollensky is in South Pointe Park.  The new city manager is a former lobbyist.  After the trash debacle of a few years ago it is fitting that the city wants to expand alcohol use on county property.  The city couldn't even clean up the beach and blamed it on the county. 

Danny Amores
Danny Amores

There always booze on the beach hidden in red Solo cups. Whats the difference?

Palangana topcommenter

Why not legalize weed on the beach instead?


Yep, the activists are right,hate to say the problem will only get worse by legalizing. Maybe enforcing the laws tighter will clean up what is wrong about it today ? I recall a time when going to the beach on a summer day, you couldn't lay on the sand because too many threw thier half empty bottles on the ground and by mid AM sun the stench was overwhelming. Then when you waded out into the shallows to cool off, there were other a-holes that sunk their bottles to the bottom of the surf zone. My biggest fear was stepping on the broken bottle in the sand or surf area. South Beach is full of a-holes, seems to attract that crowd. Some folks can't just enjoy an event without making a nuissance of themselves ?

Xaviant Haze
Xaviant Haze

let me know when weed dispensaries are on collins ave


@Palangana How about fucking & sucking? Then your momma & sister can earn some  money.

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