Miami Dolphins Would Allow County to Back Out of Stadium Deal If They're Not Awarded a Super Bowl

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The Miami Dolphins are so confident the NFL is going to hand them a Super Bowl in May they've announced today that they'd let the county back out of any stadium renovation deal if Miami isn't picked as a host.

"We have great confidence that South Florida will be awarded a Super Bowl when the owners meet in Boston on May 22nd," CEO Mike Dee said today in a press conference.

The Dolphins are asking for up to $200 million in public funds to complete upgrades to the aging Sun Life Stadium.

The Dolphins are seeking a public referendum on the deal, but today's pledge means that the county can back out of the deal if the city isn't awarded a Super Bowl.

The key word here being "a."

The Dolphins have centered their campaign on the idea of hosting Super Bowl L. However, team owners will likely announce the host city of Super Bowl LI that same day.

Miami is one of two finalists to host Super Bowl L. The other is Santa Clara, California. The city is currently building a brand new stadium for the San Francisco 49ers. The loser of the Super Bowl L bid will then become a finalist for Super Bowl LI against Houston, Texas.

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drakemallard topcommenter

Every year, millions of taxpayer dollars are poured into stadiums, 
hockey rinks, baseball parks, and other arenas in order to attract and retain 
professional sports teams in big cities.  Often the money is spent by 
the cities after a team "threatens" to leave the city.When that happens, of course, the local news media act as the willing
accomplices of the billionaires who own the teams.When city and state governments build facilities for sports organizations which are owned by billionaires, and raise taxes as a result, it is clearly an abuse of power.

it time for more recalls /jail time

Von Marlon
Von Marlon

No more..!! Have their investors pay (invest) on the new upgrades on the bowl. This is ridiculous..!


I've heard that before, as well as .  I'm on my way, the check is in the mail, you are the first, It wasn't me.   Same crappy lies with Marlins Stadium and American Airlines arena.  Don't believe a word. 

Christopher J Warren
Christopher J Warren

They will get the superbowl deal with or without the upgrades and the league knows this, but the banana republic in Miami will bow down to their corporate puppet masters



Lex Aviles
Lex Aviles

lmfao, sooo we're backing out right? XD


@radiaz2001 IDIOT, why is it a loser deal?  Provide facts.  You know nothing.  Tourist dollars are funding the tax, not local residents.  You live in a hotel?


let them upgrade the staduim u gave the marlins theirs at least the dolphins r tring to bring money to the area with superbowls and champion ships they r not the only people rakeing in the cash when they come to town eveyone does

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