Mugshots Friday: "I Pray for You P*ssies"

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0030449834F.JPG 639×799 pixels.jpg
Arrested: 3/03
Charges: Grand Theft
You'll note that the italicized intro to this series says we sometimes direct adulation "at perps who just plain look more badass than we ever will." This now includes adulation for perps whose style game is just so on point.

0030450408F.JPG 639×799 pixels.jpg
Arrested: 3/06
Charges: Petit Theft
Selena Gomez hasn't been dealing too well with the Justin Bieber breakup.

Arrested: 3/03
Charges: Cocaine Possession
She's saving up to get the complete tattoo set.

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Fucking faces of losers, dung, bottom feeders, take it up the ass crowd.

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