Mugshots Friday: "I Pray for You P*ssies"

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Arrested: 3/05
Charges: Petit Theft
This guy was just in Mugshots Friday last month, and our desire to take him to a damn barbershop is starting to get overwhelming. It is haunting us. Yet he still has time to keep those eyebrow notches fresh. He could at least petit-theft himself a comb. Or maybe that's what he keeps getting caught stealing all the time.

Arrested: 3/05
Charges: None found
"And then they snapped my picture, and I told them that skinny white gymnast bitch does not have a trademark on being unimpressed, because I'm pretty sure no one has ever been as unimpressed as I am with your booking room right now."

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Fucking faces of losers, dung, bottom feeders, take it up the ass crowd.

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