Obama: "Florida Is the Center of Basketball"

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President Barack Obama was in Miami today to talk up one his favorite subjects: spending on infrastructure. Nothing particularly groundbreaking there.

Though, you can bet the Chicago Bulls fan certainly had something to say about his team snapping the Heat's epic win streak.

"Now before we get started, I've got to get into a sticky subject. I know you guys aren't happy with my Chicago Bulls. But I just want you to know the Heat are going to be just fine," Obama told the crowd at the Port of Miami. "They're going to be OK. They are playing basketball the right way."

Well, if the president says so. The Bulls still have more to worry about, but Obama didn't just end his comments with the pro ball.

"The Hurricanes -- they had a great season ... They deserve a big round of applause," he continued. "Tonight, you've got Florida and Florida Gulf Coast going at it. One of them will go to the Elite 8."

"Let's face it, Florida is the center of basketball right now," he said.

So there you have it. Florida is officially the Dunkshine State.

The president, however, had no comments on the Orlando Magic.

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LOL, the loser jinxed us ! Now go back and do your job for a change Obama, I hope his Final 4 bracket got wiped out this weekend. No excuses not to actually do something constructive. No, I don't mean ban a military style rifle the rest of us paid the R&D for.


do you get extra points if the center banks into a rimshot?

Angela Garcia as NeonMosfet


I remember when a dime bag cost a dime.  


What a suck up. FL the epicenter of basketball. That's why he had Indiana winning it all in his bracket, yet Syracuse knocked them out. Go Big East !

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