President Obama Leaves Miami Out of Final Four in His Bracket

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The unveiling of President Obama's March Madness bracket has become an annual tradition, but over the past few years he's lowballed the University of Miami women's team. This year, he put a bit more faith in the Hurricanes' men's team, but has the Hurricanes just missing the Final Four.

Oddly, he has the University of Florida, a three seed, making it.

As always, people always try to make swing state talk out of the bracket, and some don't think it's un-coincidental that he's picked both Ohio State and UF to make his Final Four. His other picks for the Final Four are both one seeds in Indiana and Louisville.

Apparently, though, that Sunshine State suck-up didn't include the Hurricanes. He has them losing in the Elite Eight to Indiana. Though, that may be because he's picked Indiana to win the whole thing.

Though, you're likely to see Miami going out in the Elite Eight in a lot of brackets. Stats wizard Nate Silver has given Miami a 2.0 percent chance to win the tournament (the tenth best chance), but has given Indiana a 19.6 percent chance (the second best).

But, whatever. Obama, we thought you were cool.

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You'd think he would try to do something about the fiscal cliff that he keeps pushing people over 3 months at a time ?


He isn't running for reelection, why would he care about swing states

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