Seventy-Year-Old Florida Man Shoots and Kills His 41-Year-Old Wife's Lover

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via Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
Ralph Lewis Wald
Five months ago in Brandon, Florida, 70-year-old Ralph Lewis Wald married his neighbor Johnna Flores. Flores is 29 years younger than Wald, who also notched his fifth wife in the ceremony. That doesn't mean he wasn't as jealous as any newlywed, though.

So when he walked out of his bedroom for a drink of water late Sunday night and found Flores having sex with a 32-year-old man on the couch, Wald calmly walked back to the bedroom, grabbed a gun, and shot the younger man to death.

Walter Lee Conley, a 32-year-old who had once been Flores's roommate, died at the scene, police say. During a 911 call, Wald said he'd shot Conley -- who, believe it or not, lived on nearby Lovers Lane -- after finding him "fornicating" with his wife.

Conley arguably should have known better. Last October, Flores was arrested for shooting at the 32-year-old after an argument over whether he had to move out of her house, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

Wald bailed Flores out of jail, and two weeks later, on October 31, the neighbors were married.

The older man was an Army veteran and had worked for decades as an attorney, the Times reports. Now he faces a second-degree murder charge and is being held without bail.

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he might use the heat of passion defense


Nice shot Pop but you should have plugged the cunt wife.

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