The New Dolphins Logo That Leaked Is Legit

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So much for the element of surprise. Turns out that the Dolphins logo that leaked online months ago is in fact the new mark the team will be using next season. The team isn't expected to officially announce the change (along with upgraded uniforms) until April 25, but the Miami Herald confirms that the new helmet-less dolphin will be used.

An early version of the new logo appeared online all the way back in December.

Thumbnail image for A_DSxSRCYAAIEYt.png-large.png
Since then the design has undergone a few tweaks, including the addition of an eye and a possible direction change, but the general idea remains the same.

Team sources confirmed to the Herald that the leaked logo above is indeed the real McCoy.

It's still a pretty big change from the Dolphins' traditional logo. In fact, it's the biggest change in the team's long history.

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