Six Florida History Myths That Won't Die: Everglades Suicide, Al Capone and Castro's House

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Yes, Ponce de Leon is an asshole. But does he matter?

Last week, T. D. Allman sent Florida the worst birthday card ever. The author's widely shared column in the New York Times trashed Ponce de León and bemoaned celebrations of his "purported discovery" of the peninsula in 1513 as a "fiesta of illusion." OK, so Ponce was a racist, imperialist dunderhead. But he's OUR racist, imperialist dunderhead. And what's more, Allman was wrong in arguing that Ponce didn't achieve anything, says Dr. Paul George, professor of history at Miami Dade College.

"He did open the gates to the colonization of Florida," George says. "He documented his voyage, which whetted the appetite of other Spaniards to go after gold in Florida. That is significant." That's not to say there aren't some other historical myths worth busting on Florida's 500th birthday, though. Riptide asked George to share his favorites.

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How did Disston die?

Everglades Suicide
For decades, Floridians have whispered about Hamilton Disston's cautionary tale. Disston, a 19th-century industrialist, became obsessed with draining the Glades to create farmland. So obsessed, the tale went, that when his last attempt failed, he slit his wrists in a bathtub. Dramatic! Also, false. "He died of natural causes," George says. Obituaries from the time make it clear that heart disease likely killed the pioneer.

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Miami Beach's Anti-Semitic Signs
In the dark days of Miami Beach racism, blacks were forbidden from the sand, and Jews were barred from hotels. Ask any Beach old-timer how bad the intolerance was and they'll mention businesses posting "No Dogs or Jews" signs. It's a powerful, and probably incorrect, yarn. "There was blatant discrimination," says George, including hotels with "Gentiles Only" signs. But as for the "dogs" sign of lore, "I've never found any documentation of those signs."

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Mehre Tryce
Mehre Tryce

Capone never lived in Pinecrest, the town on the Old Alignment of US 41 aka US 94 or Loop Rd that is located at the Miccosikee reservation between Monroe, Dade and Collier Counties? And wasn't he involved in anything related to moonshining in an area apparently known for that?

Geral John Pinault
Geral John Pinault

Let's keep things in their proper prospective. Spanish and Portuguese colonizers were hungry for wealth, slaves and power. They killed anyone who stood in their way. And this includes Columbus. The modern world is trying to reverse this trend but it's an uphill fight when you see how things are so convuleted in Washington DC. Didn't you ever notice how the US only invades countries with oil...?

Danny Diaz
Danny Diaz

Love stories like this, good stuff! More of this and less of celebrity news.

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