Boston Marathon Bombing Won't Unite Us For Long

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Alex Izaguirre
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking music made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke explains why Americans fuel terrorism.

It's a beautiful thing when Americans come together during a crisis. Whether it's hurricane or a children's massacre or a terrorist act, it's amazing to see us come together in trying times. It's too bad we can't do that when a catastrophe isn't threatening us.

Before Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsnarnaev blasted the Boston Marathon and terrorized Bean Town last week, Americans have been at each other's throats over immigration, gun control, the economy, and Jay-Z's and Beyonce's trip to Cuba. And that's just last week.

Once all the national empathy dies down, it's MSNBC get in your corner, Fox News get back in your corner, and get ready for the next round of divide and conquer the American people. Republicans and Democrats go back to fighting over which ideology is better for the country, instead of finding ways to reach a common ground for the greater good of the nation.

In the process, politicians continue screwing us. There's the recent vote by the U.S. Senate to kill universal background checks when a person tries to buy a gun. Then you have the Florida legislature, which recently passed a law making it a crime for cities to prohibit people from carrying firearms in a public park.

Once things cools down, we go back to bickering with one another about being a conservative or a liberal. Meanwhile, the next terrorist -- domestic or foreign -- is secretly plotting the next attack on our freedom. The hatred Americans have for one another motivates radicals to commit unspeakable acts of horror on us. Our divided nation, thanks to public trolls like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, inspires lunatics like Jared Lee Loughner, James Holmes and Adam Lanza to kill 44 men, women, and children, and seriously maim dozens of others. It's time we take responsibility for fueling terrorists' hatred at home and abroad.

We need to stop electing people who are about dividing the country. We need leaders like the city officials in Port Canaveral, who wasted no time fired a police officer who passed around posters of Trayvon Martin for target practice. America will grow as a country once a white politician, be it a mayor or governor, finds it appalling that African American communities have to live in terror everyday and does something so they are not being disenfranchised in their own neighborhoods.

We have to come together every day like we're facing a crisis. If we don't, America will become a place where there is no more Boston Marathon, or a Calle Ocho Festival or a Martin Luther King Day Parade. We can't let that happen.

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Luke you are a SAMBO sucking up to the Democrats who screwed us when we were young. I know you your a poor broke man spewing hate all over the place. Keep supporting the Democratic Party and forgetting about the people who were in power when you made money. You are a SAMBO. The next time you see your Democratic Buddy Al Gore ask him how it felt to watch his dad and grandpa LINCH Blacks and Hispanics. You SAMBO!!!!!!

Joe The Puerto Rican Man (Boricua to the Bone!)

mishuta 1 Like

This is dumb... African-american? White? where?! in South Florida? there is maybe 10% of black and white americans that work in police departments of South Florida. Everyone is mostly hispanic and everything else of all colors  but not white in traditional 1969 style terms, that this columnist seems to be stuck at.  the corruption and brutality of police departments across the country has very little to do with race as most police unions make sure that there are enough minorities hired to avoid federal lawsuits so corruption can flourish.  in 2013 police hates everyone who they don't breed and feed, times changed... there are more serious problems out there than a color of our skin.  police has blacks, and hispanics, and gays... BUT THEY ALL CORRUPT BECAUSE INSTEAD OF CORRUPTION WE ARE TALKING ABOUT RACE.  

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