Florida Woman Arrested for Yanking Ex's Manhood

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If you one day hope to rekindle the flame with an ex, it's a pretty good idea to at least try to keep their sexual reproductive organs intact, no matter what fights you get into in the meantime.

Laquavia Sharelle Wallace, a 22-year-old resident of Manatee County, Florida, was arrested Monday on charges that might as well be called "grand-yank penis."

According to the Smoking Gun, Wallace shares custody of her daughter with Antonio Marquis Williams. She went to go pick up the child but also decided to try to get back together with Williams.

Williams told her he "didn't want another relationship at this time," and Wallace didn't take the news well. The two began arguing, and Wallace allegedly reached between his legs and "grabbed Antonio's penis with her right hand and began pulling on it, which caused pain to Antonio."

Williams grabbed Antonio's forearm to stop the penis-pulling.

Police showed up, and Williams refused to press charges. However, Wallace was arrested and booked on charges of misdemeanor battery.

Maybe Wallace misunderstood the wise words of Georgia rapper Lady. You're supposed to make sure your "pussy be yankin'," not yanking on someone else's junk.

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Pussy Be Yankin' is too repetitive for my taste, but I love the strong feminist visuals!


I am disgusted by how the media makes it a joke when women sexually assault men. If the genders were reversed, this article would have a very serious tone, with the perpetrator clearly defined as a perpetrator, the victim clearly defined as such and the offense clearly defined as a sex offense. Instead, the male victim, whose penis was hurt physically as well as sexually, is turned into the butt of comedy. Additionally, the law also acquiesced to the anti-male bias of the system and failed to charge the woman with a sexual offense, but instead charged her with a minor, non-sexual misdemeanor. What type of charge would a man have received if he did a comparable act to a woman's vagina? Where is the outcry from those who claim to be about "gender equality" (but somehow only notice female victims and male perpetrators)? People's heartless comments are equally disgusting!

Lauren Kathryn
Lauren Kathryn

"Williams grabed Antonios forearm to stop the penis pulling"...tell the intern to check for errors..lol

Tanya C Davis
Tanya C Davis

she smiling cause she thinks that weave is fooling everyone

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