Marlins Prez David Samson Was Grilled on Real Sports: "Fans Should Be Disappointed"

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HBO's Real Sports was nothing short of cathartic for frustrated Miami Marlins fans last night. Bryant Gumbel sat down with Marlins president David Samson and grilled him harder than a row of chickens at Pollo Tropical.

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"I think fans should be disappointed and upset and for that we're sorry," says Samson.

Gumbel then called Samson out for pocketing money instead of putting it on the field, but Samson maintains that the club has continued to lose money.

Elsewhere in the interview, Samson tells Gumbel that team owner and his former father-in-law Jeffrey Loria does not intend to sell the team anytime soon.

However, Gumbel also talked to Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who says he believes that Loria will eventually sell the team.

Samson however took a swipe at the political environment that got Gimenez elected in the first place, saying, "Boy, I hope that people aren't choosing their mayor according to a ballpark."

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What I find fascinating is the Miami politicians' infinite wisdom to include penalties if Loria does sell the team in the first few years. Because of that, he is unlikely to. I understand, I guess, why they did that: so he can't just get a new stadium and immediately reap the rewards and sell the team for a huge profit, but it looks pretty stupid now. Perhaps they were relying on the unwritten promises that he made of having a competitive payroll? What a crappy stadium deal.


$3 BILLION given away by stupid and/or corrupt politicians.  Loria will sell.

Andrew Cooke
Andrew Cooke

XD if we have learned anything over the years is if Samson says something isn't going to happen, IT WILL!!!

Michael Groves
Michael Groves

Actually he won't sell the team until he owes no penalties for selling early based on the stadium deal stipulations. I believe that is at the end of the 2015 season? Get used to zero payroll for maximized profits. We've all seen this before.


Sports teams and Miami go hand in hand, like a pawn shop and a thief.

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