Mugshots Friday: Yes, a Florida Marlins Face Tattoo Exists

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0030459672F.JPG 714×893 pixels.jpg
Charges: Petit Theft, Retail Theft and Grant Theft
Is that a "Respect Mom" tattoo or a "Respect Money" tattoo? Because in either case it doesn't seem like you're doing a good job at either.

0030459413F.JPG 800×1,000 pixels.jpg
Arrested: 4/22
Charges: Petit Theft
The wide eyes of a kid who just remembered that time he stayed up to watch Oz.

0010262439F.JPG 800×1,000 pixels.jpg
Well, we've got ourselves a mullet.

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Last one on first page makes me think of the first "Fright Night" movie .

Brandon Young
Brandon Young

How much must this guy hate Loria? Miami Marlins

Cristina Fernandez
Cristina Fernandez

the guy that works at my Deli is on this list... Good to know he assaults people AFTER frying chicken :/

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