Dear Internet, Miami Heat Fans Are the Most Loyal in Basketball

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Damn yo, don't kill the messenger! Yesterday Riptide ran an article about a new survey done by Brand Keys that claims to show that Miami Heat fans are the most loyal in the NBA -- and then the Internet proceeded to have a shit. Nearly 650 people retweeted the piece, many incorrectly labeling the survey as being conducted by New Times ourselves. (Our internal polling operation consists of one old lady drinking malt liquor and shaking a Magic Eight ball.)

It's cool though, we understand some people outside of Miami can't read. But you just didn't have to be soooooo mean about it! Oh, but you were, and a few of you threw around some things that needed a little fact checking. Just remember, you brought this upon yourself, Internet -- don't start none, won't be none.

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- Miami Heat Fans Ranked the Most Loyal In the NBA

Fact #1 the Miami Heat averaged 19,893 fans a game this season.

Fact #2 the American Airlines Arena's capacity is 19,600.

Fact #3 You're a liar, and I doubt you laughed so hard your ass fell off.

Click the link!!! What is wrong with you people!??!

Dwyane Wade ranks seventh in jersey sales this season, ahead of guys like Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, and Blake Griffin. There is this rumor going around that the Miami Heat have a few good players.

While it's very hot in Miami, it is not hell, quite the opposite in fact.

Since 1988, you better ask somebody playa. Werd to Grant Long, the original Udonis Haslem of this shit.

So we get it, you don't think Heat fans are loyal, or at least the MOST loyal anyway. That's cool though, haters gonna hate. We just thought you should know we heard you, and we laughed. Not so much with you, more so at you, but laugh we did, regardless.

Hey, before you wear the crown they try to tear you down, right?


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I've explained Miami's fair-weather qualities before, but I'll do it again in case anyone missed it. We are INCREDIBLY loyal to our teams. When they're doing well, we go to the games. When they're not, we make our displeasure known by NOT going to the games. Cases in point: the Dolphins and the Marlins. Dolphins fans are INCREDIBLY loyal. Worldwide! But will most of us pay to see a game this season, even if we WERE in town? No. That stadium is going to sit mostly empty again because we're all pissed off at the owners and management for the piss-poor job they've done. Same goes for the Marlins, and you're already seeing that play out.

The HEAT, however, are a bit of an anomaly. They've certainly had their struggles with attendance in the past, there's no question about that. But I would bet good money that they filled a greater percentage of seats even in their WORST seasons than the Dolphins did last season or the Marlins will THIS season. And keep in mind, we're taking two different venues into account for the same team here. The old Pink Elephant sat about 15,000. The AAA seats just about 20,000. So when you see that in, say, the early days of the new arena, when the team was struggling in it's Zo-Is-Getting-Too-Old-For-This Era, a MEASLY crowd of 16,000 left a ton of seats open in the new facility, that's a thousand more than could have occupied the one two blocks away that they were just using last week. Even when they couldn't fill the original building, I'd bet they still sold more of the available tickets than the Dolphins or Marlins have in several years. Consistently.

Still want to try to tell me all or even a MAJORITY of Heat fans are bandwagoners? Because if you truly believe that, I've got a lovely waterfront view to sell you right off the Sawgrass Expressway...

rizzmigizz topcommenter


Steve Sylus
Steve Sylus

Perfect Example: when we lost to the Mavs, yea it sucked, but WE STILL partied with the Mavs in Miami lol that's the difference.

J Jess Jessi Abalos
J Jess Jessi Abalos

We can't even get to the games on time because we are too stylish lol

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

Can u kindly and succinctly, share what is like living with the disease, Jamie?

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

Bullshit! Boston-NYC-LA are the most loyal fans in all sports, adding Philly. Miami so-called "hardcore fans" are just as fake as the city itself.

Sam Wright
Sam Wright

"Grant Long, the original Udonis Haslem" love it, only real fans would know this

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