Shane Battier Got a Truck Full of Bud Light

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Recently, the Miami Heat's Shane Battier admitted that his only pregame superstition is sticking to drinking the same beer.

"I try to drink the same beer -- Bud Light -- but that's about it," Battier told an blog. "You never know. I don't want to chance luck and switch up brands, so I'm staying loyal to Bud Light."

Sensing a marketing opportunity, Budweiser showed up at Battier's doorstep and unloaded an entire truck of the swill in his driveway.

All in all, the delivery included about 1,100 cases -- about 26,400 bottles -- of Bud Light. Which means Battier could play one of the most epic rounds of "26,400 bottles of beer on the wall" the world has ever known.

Some further math reveals that the delivery equals 316,800 ounces of Bud Light. Yes, 316,800 ounces of a brew users describe as "carbonated water with yellow food coloring and a dash of alcohol," "tasteless and bland," and "proof that there is no God." Sounds like a dream come true.

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Live Bee Removal
Live Bee Removal

im still waiting for like some truck to pull in front of my house and be like dude .. here are like 18 pallets of wood and a home depot card for $78,343.00

RD Swartz
RD Swartz

More free stuff for the rich!!!!!!!!!!! SMH!!!!!!!!!!


Quit bitching. Go out and earn it, RD. Or just stay at home while I pay taxes and support your sorry entitled ass. Which is probably what you will do... SMH...

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