Traffic Hell: Alton Road Reconstruction Begins Today

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Remember the traffic nightmares a few years back when workers were tearing up and reconstructing a portion of Biscayne Boulevard through Omni and Midtown? Well, it's South Beach's turn now. The Florida Department of Transportation begin a 28-month project to refurbish Alton Road in South Beach today. At least they had the good sense to start the project just as tourist and snowbird season begin to fade.

The end result will certainly be worthwhile in the long run as one of the main aims is to provide a new drainage system for stormwater, which hopefully means portions of Alton will no longer be a foot underwater every time it rains heavily. New roadways, sidewalks, signage, traffic signals, street lights, road markings and landscaping will also be installed.

The areas from Fifth Street to Michigan Avenue will be affected during the project.

The area from Dade Boulevard to Michigan will be the first to see construction.

Here's a map showing the areas that will be affected during the first few months.

Alton Road construction.jpg
The project will include several lane closures throughout the 28 months, usually just affecting one north or southbound lane at a time. However, Local 10 reports that during several months all southbound traffic on Alton will be rerouted through West Avenue.

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If the pump stations don't work Miami Beach is screwed.  I don't believe they have the $200 million for the rest of the flood control projects. 

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