With 25,000 Runners Headed to Miami Next Week, Police Scramble to Up Security After Boston Bombs

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The morning after two bombs ripped through the crowd near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and wounding at least 145, there's little new information about who staged the attack or why. That makes the job of Miami police, who have to protect 25,000 runners pouring into town for the Mercedez-Benz Corporate Run in a little more than a week, all the more difficult.

MDPD has promised to increase security and "continue monitoring the situation," while the race's organizers are asking police: "Is this something that could happen here?"

"It's hard to say how this will affect things," Hans Huseby, who organizes the run with his wife, Laurie, tells the Miami Herald this morning. "I don't want to start thinking in terms of what I call airplane novels -- the cheap, blow-'em-up, shoot-'em-up thrillers. On the other hand, I have to sit down with the Miami Police Department and say, 'What do you guys think?'"

There's not much new information out of Boston this morning as police and federal agents work to uncover the source of the attack.

The casualty toll has risen to three, including Martin Richard, an 8-year-old boy from nearby Ashmont, Massachusetts, who was waiting with his mother and sister for his father to finish the race. As many as 17 others are in critical condition, and many have lost limbs.

Officials have no primary suspect, and no one has claimed responsibility yet, though police did reportedly search a home in Revere, Massachusetts, last night. (Regarding those reports from the New York Post and elsewhere about a Saudi national in custody: Turns out he was a student tackled by a bystander for the "suspicious" activity of running away from the bombs; he's cooperating with police.)

Huseby and Miami police aren't the only ones scrambling to review security plans. The massive London Marathon is scheduled for later this week, and authorities there are also revising their game plan for the event. Marathons, of course, are a particularly tricky event to protect, with thousands of runners and fans spread across 26 miles of urban territory.

Here's what MDPD had to say in a statement, sent to Riptide and other media outlets:
"We are aware of the incident in Boston, Massachusetts, and are working vigilantly with our regional partners in law enforcement at the local, state and federal level. We have increased our security measures in those areas and sites deemed as critical infrastructures and will continue to monitor the situation."
We'll keep this post updated today as new information comes to light.

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drakemallard topcommenter

A nut who knows a lot about bombs.

remember when Evan Ebel had bomb-making materials

Investigators found bloody clothes, bomb-making materials and directions to Colorado prison chief Tom Clements' Monument home in the back of Evan Ebel's 1991 Cadillac DeVile Among them was a "document with apparent bomb-making instructions" that was inside a black backpack; documents from the department of corrections; maps; handwritten directions; and "apparent letters from Nate," according to the inventory released by the Wise County Clerk's Office. Texas authorities gave those items to El Paso County sheriff's detectives, who are investigating Clements' murder.”

drakemallard topcommenter

“When you've got one person who is deranged or driven by a hateful ideology, they can do a lot of damage, and it's a lot harder to trace those lone wolf operators”

Eddie Suarez
Eddie Suarez

Thanks so much! I know it's petty, trivial. thanks for clarifying.

Miami New Times
Miami New Times

Eddie, we made changes so it should be clear now. Thanks for pointing that out.

Eddie Suarez
Eddie Suarez

Thanks for posting and sharing but please clarify. I know it's petty, but these are not marathoners. A marathon is always 26.2 miles. This is a 5K or 3.1 miles. Huge difference.

Jo Braga
Jo Braga

It likely won't occur again..

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