A-Rod Sells Miami Beach Mansion For $15 Million Profit

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Well, at least his neighbors hopefully won't have to complain anymore about all the filming that was going down there

Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has reportedly sold his Miami Beach mansion for $30 million. He had bought the home in 2010 (while dating Cameron Diaz) for $7.4 million and then invested another $7.6 million in major renovations. All-in-all that comes out to a tidy $15 million profit.


From Jose Lambiet's Gossip Extra:

Although the transaction hasn't appeared in public records yet, word in the real estate world is that Rodriguez needs to clear out his belongings from the breathtaking contemporary house within the next two weeks.

The buyer is said to be a Palm Beach resident.

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Orlando De Frias
Orlando De Frias

Schools, police stations, libraries, fire departments, courts, etc. are paid for by citizens, Bill. Maybe you should apply to work there.

Bill Brock
Bill Brock

So glad that hard working citizens pay for their place of work. I wish someone would do that for my place of business.

Kzm Ufc
Kzm Ufc

...not giving a fuck about what a-rod sells or for how much....

Alex LaPorta
Alex LaPorta

At 5pm? I've moved onto Chef Boyardee and sweatpants by now.

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