Armed Bounty Hunters Burst into David Barton Gym Showers

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Health nuts at Miami Beach's fancy David Barton Gym were just trying to relax and wash off after a tough workout when a group of armed bounty hunters stormed the locker rooms and searched the showers for two men. Apparently that's totally legal, too.

The incident went down on Tuesday night according to CBS Miami, and shocked gym goer Scott Linnen, who recounted the odd incident in which, while he was butt naked, he had a gun pointed at his face.

"I was standing in a shower relaxed after having a good workout and the next thing I know I'm seeing a gun in my face," he says. "My first thought was I'm going to be shot."

But apparently thats all good and well in the eyes of the law.

"They can go into third party residences or this case a gym and take custody of the subject but a police officer can't go into a private establishment, a private home without a warrant," a Miami Beach police spokesman told the channel.

The bounty company refused to comment on the matter, and it's not known if they even found the two wanted men they were looking for.

David Barton Gym however is not pleased.

"They simply ignored our normal security measures, including the building security guard on duty. We feel that they put our members and staff at risk needlessly."

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There were no guns displayed by any Bail Bondsman that entered the gym. Not even the two taken into custody had guns pointed at them. Only two tasers were pointed at the Bail Bondsman's two subjects. Nobody was held "against their will" except the two in handcuffs. Your story is an extreme exaggeration. 



you can point a gun in someone's face and there are no laws broken?  even when there was no cause to threaten someone?  

How can that be true? 


@Dogma EXACTLY !! cause this story is a complete an utter exaggeration.  I think Mr. Linnen  does not like Bail Bondsman because he too was arrested back in April 2010 in Miami Dade, FL for having an ACCIDENT while DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE on 4/2/2010 and posted a Bail Bond on 4/3/2010 !! Miami Dade FL Traffic Misdemeanor Case #  8500XEJ. Looks like you plead GUILTY AND ALMOST KILLED SOMEONE drinking and driving MR LINNEN while driving your 2007 Volkswagon FL tag# X12GHZ, driving north on Meridian Ave  ? .. Sad Sad Sad !! 


@LinnenIsALiar @Dogma Looks like someone's abusing their background search subscription...sure would be a shame if the provider learned about that. Might even turn into a civil suit...hope you posted through an IP proxy!

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