Arrested Development Miami: The Bluth Family and Their Real-Life Miami Counterparts

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After a seven-year hiatus, cult sitcom Arrested Development returns on Netflix this weekend. Of course, in Miami, a city of sociopathic, vain crooks you might not be aware that a show about a family of sociopathic, vain crooks has been off the air for so long. In fact, since the show's initial cancellation in 2006 we've been living in a sea of pseudo-Bluths. In fact, there're some matches that are so uncanny we didn't have any problems finding real life Miami counterparts for the Bluth family.

George Bluth Sr.
Miami Counterpart: Jeffrey Loria, owner of the Miami Marlins
A bumbling business who lacks basic humanity and is responsible for a development deal that some would consider "light treason." Yeah, sounds like Jeffrey Loria to us.

Lucille Bluth
Miami Counterpart: Natacha Seijas, recalled former Miami-Dade Commissioner
Backstabbing schemer? Check. An inability to be nice to anyone? Check. An inability to accept that her power and status were crumbling? Check.

But ex-Comish Seijas really gets the Lucille prize for her infamous dis of proposed new Britto-designed uniforms for Airport workers during a commission meeting by quipping that they were so ugly even her maid wouldn't wear them. Which is actually something we could imagine Lucille saying about the show. Plus she did play a part in that "light treason" by voting for the Marlins Park deal.

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This is retarded

Alex LaPorta
Alex LaPorta

Holy hell, EVERY news organization is writing Arrested Development articles. Why can't you just say "We like Arrested Development, and we want ad revenue, so here are some GIFs."

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