Family of Raymond Herisse, Man in 2011 Memorial Day Shootout, Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Raymond Herisse was killed on Memorial Day two years ago in a hail of police gunfire.
Nearly two years to the date of his death, the family of Raymond Herisse has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both the Miami Beach and Hialeah police departments.

Back in 2011, during Miami Beach's Urban Beach Weekend, Herisse was shot at more than 100 times and struck with 16 bullets. It took four days for police to find a gun wrapped in a towel in the backseat of Herisse's car, but no gun shot residue was ever found on his hands and no evidence has supported the claim.

Twelve separate officers were involved in the shooting from both the Miami Beach Police Department and the Hialeah Police Department. (Officers from other local departments were assisting MBPD throughout the busy weekend.) Herisse's family believed that the excessive shooting was unjustified.

Despite the lack of evidence of a shooting, police still say that Herisse was speeding down Collins Avenue and almost hit an officer. His family says that Herisse had already stopped when officers opened fire.

"Why did the officers feel that day it was necessary to utilize that type of force?" family attorney Merwan Porter told Reauters. "It took us almost two years to even get basic information that we were entitled to to determine what happened."

The suit is seeking unspecified damages from the departments as well as city officials.

The actions of the 12 officers involved are still under investigation by State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle's office.

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Anyone watching the video of the shooting could see that this young adult came to a full stop, and sat there for over a minute before the police started their barrage of shooting.  If this had been a spring break with a bunch of 20 something year old white college kids, there would be more of an uproar about the police gangland shooting a young adult in a stopped car.  But because Memorial Day weekend is known for being out of control, people confuse the weekend with the shooting incident.  This was a kid who had too much to drink and swerved, and then got shot at from behind, AND then gangland shot by police after he came to a stop. The police hit a couple of bystanders as well. The police here operate with a gang member mentality. Look at their track record. Even the rich white residents of South Beach are scared of the Miami Beach police.

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