Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Takes Aim at Urban Outfitters for Drug Merchandise

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Don't expect Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to make a shopping spree at Urban Outfitters anytime soon. Bondi has joined 22 other state AGs in criticizing the entry-level hipster clothing chain (which has three locations in Miami-Dade) for selling merchandise that they feel makes light of prescription drug abuse, a particularly hot-button issue in Florida.

Urban Outfitter has introduced a line of products meant to mimic prescription pill bottles. A beer koozie meant to look like an orange pill bottle reads, "TAKE ONE CAN BY MOUTH, REPEAT UNTIL INTOXICATED," as prescribed my a Dr. Hugh Jass. A flask is labeled as "Boozemin."

Bondi isn't laughing.

"These products are not in any way fun or humorous but make light of this rampant problem," the group of AGs wrote in a letter to Urban Outfitter CEO. "We invite you to pull these products from your shelves and join with us to fight prescription drug."

Bondi however tells The Miami Herald that the group of AGs will not take legal action against the chain, but feels the products undermined efforts to fight prescription pill abuse.

We couldn't find the products for sale on Urban Outfitter's website, but did find them for sale on numerous other websites. A site called Gadget and Gizmos sellsthe koozie for $7.99.

A search of Google Shopping shows that the flask is on sale at numerous websites for about $20. Sounds like the AGs should be appealing to the manufactures as well. Though, maybe they'd just thank the pols for the free publicity.

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Maybe she should do her job and look for people violating the law as opposed to those who are not.


I think she is looking at it the wrong way. She should be saying, " if that helps people to be aware that alcohol is a drug, a mind and mood altering substance, maybe it will help with having less DUI arrest?"

The koosie just needs to have a red sticker that says, "Do not drive or operate heavy machinery or pass Legislation while taking this drug".

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