Florida Papa John's Employees Butt Dial Customer, Leave Voicemail Full of Racial Slurs

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Two Papa John's employees in Sanford, Florida have been fired after accidentally leaving a profanity and racial slur-laced voicemail for a customer. The message had apparently been left after a "butt dial," and one of the employes launches into a rendition of "The Marriage of Figaro" tinged with racial slurs.

The customer claims he ordered up a $15.26 pizza and gave the delivery person a 21 percent tip. Just two minutes later the delivery person called the customer again, but the call was answered and sent to voicemail. It seems the call was accidental, and the voicemail picked up the pizza employee telling a co-worker that the customer did not tip which sent the co-worker into a lengthy rant. Oh, yeah, the angry customer decided to upload the message on YouTube.

Be warned, their are more "n-words" dropped in here than a Quentin Tarantino movie.

The pizza chain took the message seriously and fired the two men. An official apology was posted on Facebook by "Papa" John Schnatter himself.

"Their thinking and actions defy both my personal and the company's values, and everything for which this company stands," wrote the company's founder and CEO. "The employees responsible for this absolutely unacceptable behavior were immediately terminated,"

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

im on the employee side, cust's need to give more tip

drakemallard topcommenter

 I thought George Zimmerman was under house arrest?
Hope that customer didn't send his son out to the store to get Skittles for dessert.

 I'm a bit confused on the math. Was it 21% or $5. Customer is saying 21+%, the employee is saying $5 with is nearly a 33%. Either way it was certainly an adequate tip. 

“Because when you order a Papa John’s pizza, it’s only after you’ve reached a state of such desperate, gnawing hunger that you would eat the ass off a raccoon that drowned in your bird bath. And even then, only after making absolutely sure that you’re all out of drowned raccoon ass. And now Obama expects you to shell out almost three extra nickels for this hot turd pie? Fuck that, eat the nickels, you have your dignity.

Jason Walters
Jason Walters

read it and heard it. what a piece of crap. at least they got fired.

Eddie Suarez
Eddie Suarez

Sanford, FL huh? And "Their thinking and actions defy both my personal and the company's values" Too bad those values don't include healthcare for employees.

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