Here's the Crazy New Vehicle Miami Beach Police Are Unveiling This Weekend

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The Miami Beach Police Department's plan to patrol South Beach during this Memorial Day Weekend is a lot like last year's, but this time they'll have a new tech addition: a cutting-edge light tactical all-terrain vehicle. The $140,000 LTV is on loan to the department this weekend.

According to CBS4, the LTV uses infrared technology to detect people's heat signatures from more than 3/4th of a mile away. Even at the dead of night, they'll be able to detect if people are on the sands. Which means unlike a regular ATV, it's unlikely police will run over anybody with this one -- and we all know that's been a bit of a problem in the past for the department.

via CBS4
"This is the only one of its kind," an officer told the station. "There's no other vehicle like this on the market at this time."

The vehicle's surveillance streams can also be transmitted to a tech truck that will serve as the surveillance HQ for police during the weekend.

These kind of vehicles were originally designed for use by the military and countries looking to patrol their borders, but we guess they'll do for big party weekends too.

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Even with infrared they will run over people, charge them trespassing and plant a weapon on them.  


140k??? WTF!!! thats where my taxes money go to.. SMH

Myron Luzniak
Myron Luzniak

Good, with the amount of out of town ghetto garbage coming to South Beach this weekend and causing a shitstorm of problems like they do every year, the police need to step up their game!

Ken Neth
Ken Neth

why would an emergency vehicle be camouflaged? shouldn't it be red, orange, or yellow for safety, unless safety is not your goal.

CJ Ritchie
CJ Ritchie

I hope they dont run over any tourists this year

Greg Ramirez
Greg Ramirez

So the Cops over at the beach are so stupid and irresposible they need a $140,000 atv to help them not run over

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