Here's the Trippy Hotel and Giant Convention Center Developers Want To Build Downtown

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For the next month, two teams will be fighting tooth and nail for the chance to lead a billion dollar renovation of Miami Beach's convention center. But the Beach may soon have some serious competition on its hands for convention traffic, if a just released plan from downtown developers comes to pass.

A new player in the on-again, off-again Miami World Center project unveiled details today on YouTube for a twisty-looking Marriott and massive convention space on the old site of the Miami Arena.

The video comes from MDM Group, the developers already working on the massive Met Miami project downtown, who tell the Herald they've already got a contract to buy the former site of the Miami Arena from the group developing Miami World Center.

Their plans call for the biggest hotel in the city, an 1,800-room Marriott, plus a convention space with more than 600,000 square feet. In the video, they also tout the Florida East Coast railway's plans to build a mass train terminal nearby that would have links to Tampa and Orlando.

"You will be able to flow through and around this (convention center) facility and right into the station,'' architect John Nichols tells the Miami Herald.

The group says it will privately finance the whole project (though the Herald notes that since it's in the Overtown/Park West redevelopment area, it could garner tax breaks.)

Developers claim the project, which they estimate at more than $1 billion, could wrap within four years. (Though it's worth noting that the Miami World Center project has stalled repeatedly thanks to the economic slowdown.)

How would the project affect the Beach's own ambitious convention center plans? It's not clear, though Nichols was quick to tell the Herald that the MDM's center would supplement Beach conventions, not poach them. "It's going after a different market," Nichols tells the paper.

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Anna Chapman
Anna Chapman

Most convention centers lose money. The developers will have delays, costs will soar, and they will make their money, while the city of Miami Beach and Miami add more taxes. This plan is huge and where will they even park? There are so many questions before this becomes a South Beach habitat for junkies.


I like the proposal. The video (and especially the narration) sounds like it was produced by a room full of 12-year-olds.

Seriously, her grasp of English would be laughable anyplace else.

J Jess Jessi Abalos
J Jess Jessi Abalos

another excuse for the contractors and their friends to make money. its weird looking but its cool. I agree with aurelien, overtown needs a makeover


This is a billion dollar project that a private group is willing to foot the bill for, that will generate a lot of tax revenue...we should jump all over it. Instead we constantly entertain thieves like Loria who sticks the majority of the bill to the taxpayers. Wake up Miami, don't miss out on this one.

Аурелиан Матје
Аурелиан Матје

What a beautiful project ! It will create jobs & will improve the Miami skyline. I think it's time to renovate the Overtown neighborhood by creating new office buildings, condominiums, hotels & convention center. The neighborhood has in recent years become an area of interest for the city and for developers. It had to be redeveloped. :)

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