LeBron James Explodes In Third Quarter, Leads Heat to 90-79 Win Over Indiana

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Faced with a second half deficit and a seemingly inevitable Game Five loss, LeBron James took it upon himself to break the emergency glass surrounding his unstoppableness and unleash it upon the Indiana Pacers. There were no reported survivors. LeBron came out of the halftime locker room ready to make babies, and as a result we are all currently with child.

Down 44-40 to start the Third Quarter, your new baby daddy dropped 16 of the 30 points Miami scored in the frame, in turn transforming what was a four-point deficit into a 13-point Miami lead going into the Fourth. In all, LeBron scored or assisted on 25 of the 30 points the Heat scored in the quarter. That massive Third Quarter would prove to be the difference as Miami went on to beat the Pacers 90-79, taking a three-games-to-two series lead in the process.

The demise of Udonis Haslem was greatly exaggerated. If you didn't know, now you know. For the second game of the series, UD's baseline jumper was locked in. Haslem finished 8-9 from the field for 16 huge fatherless Pacer crushing points. Gigantic clutch infused testicles? Udonis Has-Them.

LeBron James very well could have saved the Miami Heat's season in the third. The last thing anyone needs in their lives is an elimination game on the Pacers home court, and LeBron James made sure none of that nonsense was going down. Shown on TV imploring his teammates to get their heads out of their asses, he decided the hell with them. He was doing it his damn self, and did it he done did.

James outscored the Pacers all by himself in the game-changing quarter 16-13 while also pulling down four boards and dishing out four assists. I need a cigarette after typing that. Remember the time that one guy voted for Carmelo Anthony for MVP instead of LeBron? That turned out well. Whatever is better than MVP, LeBron is that. He has MVP mode and MDK mode (murder death kill to his opponents).

I like to imagine the Sports Science guy completely naked other than a bow tie sucking his thumb while watching that third quarter. Mainly because it would make me feel better if someone else was doing the same thing I was doing at the time. This just got weird. LEBRON JAMES!

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Alex Anico

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