Marlins On Track To Have Worst Season In MLB's Modern Era

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Sure, there's still a lot more baseball to be played this season, but as of right now the Marlins have a winning percentage of .241, putting them dead last in the league. They've racked up just 13 wins, four wins less than the next worst team. And if things keep going as badly as they are, the Marlins could break the 1962 New York Mets' record for the worst season in the MLB's modern era.

Back in '62, the Mets took to the field for the first time as the MLB quickly tried to fill the hole left in NYC by the recently relocated Dodgers and Giants. The team was a ragtag assemblage of leftovers and went on to post just a .250 record in their inaugural season. To this day, no team has ever posted a worse record.

Of course, at .241 the Marlins stand a strong chance. The last team to even come close was the 2003 Detroit Tigers who finished the season with a .265 (we should note that that team has recovered and racked up two AL pennants since then, so there's at least some hope the Marlins won't always suck).

Sure, Giancarlo Stanton is going to come back some day, and maybe, just maybe Jeffrey Loria and the team brass will try to save some face by making some action before the trade deadline (I mean, probably not, but who knows?).

But as it stands now, the Fish are sitting in a pretty deep .241 hole. Even if the team does manage to marginally improve, they still stand a real chance of ending the season below .300, something only 24 teams have done the 1890s.

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frankd4 topcommenter

SO IN THE old STADIUM the average attendance was 9,000 and in the NEW stadium the average attendance is 10,000 - so those "extra" 1,000 fans cost a half-a-billion dollars to attract or $500,000 each

maybe we should have just hired more teachers instead of building a new stadium............................and let the MARLINs play on UM rodriguez field

Cary Cary
Cary Cary

This is why I always thought that stadium was a huge waste of money for a losing team.


You're right, the Marlins might make some action before the trade deadline, but they will probably trade Stanton for some cotton candy and used condom.

Fernando Alejandro Rios
Fernando Alejandro Rios

send Marlins to Las Vegas or Memphis and use the stadium to lure an MLS team back to miami.

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