Marlins Park Could Host College Bowl Game

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Marlins Park is already home to one troubled sports organization, so why not another?

The American Athletic Association, more popular known as the sad, tattered remains of the football schools in the former Big East, is considering putting together its own college bowl game and is eyeing Marlins Park as a possible location.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, the AAC is taking a long hard look at the future of its post-season bowl calendar as many of the bowl games its affiliated with now may be looking at other conferences. One option is creating its own game.

"We think that's doable. We think the finances can work," commissioner Mike Aresco told the paper. "We think ESPN's done a heck of a job with some of the bowls they've created, and we think it's time we did something like that. We like the idea of it."

Apparently the conference is eyeing Marlins Parks. Marlins officials say that the stadium could be reconfigured to host a football game, and it wouldn't be the only MLB stadium to host a bowl game.

If the game came to fruition it would be the first time in more than a decade that Miami hosted two bowl games. Of course, Miami is home to the Orange Bowl, but between 1990 and 2000 also hosted the Tangerine Bowl. That game is now known as the Russell Athletics Bowl and held in Orlando.

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So you're saying that the AAC stands for the American Athletic Association?


Would Loria benefit from this?  Almost there journalists, keep going.  

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