Miami International Airport is Actually America's Least Crowded Major Airport

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People may call Miami International Airport a lot of nasty things, but apparently "crowded" shouldn't be one of them. According to a new analysis of airport capacity from, MIA came out as the least crowded major airport in America.

To come up with the list, Forbes analyzed the top twenty airports in America by passenger traffic. They then based the rankings on "an equal weighting of passengers per square foot and passengers per gate."

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport came out on top, which isn't surprising considering it's also the world's busiest airport. MIA, in comparison, gives you lots of personal space:

In contrast, the least crowded major airport on our list, Florida's Miami International, only has 40 percent of Hartsfield-Jackson's traffic, but it has 7.5 million square feet of terminal space; Miami has only 127 gates, but that's still a far higher ratio of people to gates.

Atlanta's airport actually has less terminal square footage at 6.8 million. So the next time you complain about a trip to MIA, leave "too crowded" off your list of gripes.

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Square footage has nothing to do with the crowds at the ticket counters and other places where people congregate like restaurants.  But that square footage does equate to horribly long walks for many passengers who arrive on certain concourses furthest from the train that takes passengers to the consolidated rental car facility.  The train only stops in the center of the main terminal so the walking distance is incredible.  Compare MIA to the extremely well designed and extremely functional terminal at Tampa International Airport where the walking distance for EVERY passenger is minimal!

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