Miami Police To No Longer Participate in The First 48

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Miami Police department homicide detective's time in the reality TV spotlight may be over. For years producers of the popular A&E program The First 48 have followed local detectives during the first 48 hours after a murder, but with growing criticism that the show gives a bad name to Miami and requests that producers donate more to the Police Athletic League it appears that the relationship may be over.

Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa tells The Miami Herald that producers wouldn't agree to donate $10,000 per episode to the P.A.L. With the department's contract with the show up Orosa doesn't seem too keen to renew.

Though the series follows police departments through out the country, Miami may have the questionable distinction of being the geographic "star" of the show. 113 Miami cases have been featured during the show's 12 season history.

This has lead to some community activists pointing out that the show paints Miami in an unfavorable light. Uncle Luke levied criticism on the show for concentrating on Miami's Black neighborhoods back in March:

The show is essentially propaganda. The First 48 brainwashes a national cable television audience into believing these places are war zones they should avoid if they ever visit the Magic City. The episodes are like public service announcements telling the world: "Don't come here. Stay in Brickell, Coconut Grove, or downtown Miami."


The City of Miami allows the First 48 producers to profit from the blood of a predominantly poor, African-American constituency. City leaders should be telling First 48's show runners to turn off the cameras. In fact, poitical leaders need to wake up, from Miami Gardens to Florida City, to the fact that we are all part of a tourist destination.

Though producers still hope they can hammer out an agreement with the department to continue featuring the city on the show.

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As a Black American woman I wouldn't step foot in Overtown, Liberty City or any other "Hood" in Miami, Chicago or any other place where they act like savage animals. How can you get mad at white America for wanting to live? Hell I don't want to be around those types of people either. The show isn't lying on them it's just shedding light on how they behave, I even went on you tube and some residents of the "pork and beans" housing projects even told viewers Not to come there or you will end up in a body bag now these are their own words that they used.

I have family that live there and my brother , son , and a few friends went to visit on their way to Miami Beach for the week, As my son was about to leave out the door to walk down to the store, my cousin stopped him and told him not to go outside by himself because people will know he is not from around there and they will rob and kill him, really? for going to the store. My son and brother wrapped that visit up quickly and got out of dodge before the natives got restless....... I would advise many to stay clear or that area...


I'm an American expat who lives in the Czech Republic.  I've just finished watching the first three seasons of "First 48 Hours".

Many Czechs have emigrated to settle in Florida, including such unsavory types as former locomotive driver and Prime Minister Stanislav Gross.  When my wife (a Czech) and I see the emphasis that "First 48 Hours" places on Miami, we laugh at these emigrants, saying "They can have Florida!".  I don't have an explanation for this overemphasis by the show's producers.

"First 48 Hours" also overemphasizes "ghetto murders".  Possible reason: Shows such as CBS's "48 Hours" and NBC's "Dateline" overemphasize "white middle and upper class murders".  "First 48 Hours" is simply filling another niche.


Maybe if the Haitians, Cubans and other assorted Negroes would stop killing each other on an hourly basis in such exclusive enclaves like Overtown and Liberty City - decent Americans wouldn't be afraid of Miami and our colored population. 


@Rabbi_Pedro_Goldstein As your words are very strong I must agree with you. However your choice of wording isn't nice ESPECIALLY from a RELIGIOUS LEADER.

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