Miami Women Arrested for Trying to Extort Reality TV Producers

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Sonia A. Brown, 35, and Chloe M. McQueen, 23, were at Mango's Cafe when they found a lost iPhone 4 on Sunday. The pair flipped through the information and quickly discovered that the phone belonged to an executive for True Entertainment, a production company behind hits like Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Instead of returning the phone like good Samaritans, the pair called up the company and told them they would leak sensitive information about the shows to TMZ unless they were paid $3,000.

We can only imaging what that information entails. Information about Kim Zolciak's weave budget?

The producer played along with the women but claimed she just needed time to collect the money. Eventually she agreed to meet them at Joe's Stone Shack in Lauderhill.

However, the producer had contacted police, and when Brown and McQueen showed up yesterday they were arrested by BSO officers. The phone was found on McQueen's possession. According to NBC Miami, both admitted to parts of the scheme, but tried to finger the other as the mastermind.

Both were charged with extortion, while McQueen was also hit with a charge of possession of stolen property.

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joe's CRAB shack in lauderhill.

-wonder what else is wrong with the story?

Kevin.C 1 Like

@CrabbyJoe The New Times is a lot thinner in content and staffing compared to years ago. I guess whoever did the fact checking was downsized. 

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