Mugshots Friday: The Ol' Purple Eyebrow

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Arrested: 5/09
Unconfirmed reports that the subject tried to falsely identifying himself as "the Great Cornholio" and demanded "TP" for his "bunghole."

Arrested: 5/09
Charges: Battery
This pretty much sums up the past couple of weeks for the Miami Dolphins, actually.

Arrested: 5/12
Charges:Disorderly Conduct in an Establishment
Used to be in 2001 that popped collars were the symbol of suburban white kid swag. Now they're just a sign that you need to take your drunk ass home in a cab from the club before you wind up posing for one of these.

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

hey new time, you guys should stop mugshots, its stupid

Morgan Zola
Morgan Zola

Stephanie Arnold this is the blog I was telling you about!

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