North Miami Mayoral Candidate Anna Pierre Claims to Be Endorsed by Jesus Christ

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Anna Pierre has apparently picked up the biggest political endorsement ever in her quest to become mayor of North Miami. She claims that she has the backing of none other than Jesus Christ himself, and is trumpeting the endorsement in campaign material.

As Random Pixels points out, Pierre has uploaded flyers to her campaign's Facebook which read, "Anna Pierre RN is endorsed by Jesus Christ."

Sure, Pierre's platform seems Christ-like on some matters (she promises free health care for the needy and to wipe out corruption in City Hall), but its unclear exactly how she got the official endorsement of the central figure of one the world's largest religions.

Of course, Peirre's campaign hasn't exactly been boring so far. She's a former Haitian popstar best known for her song "Suk Sou Bonbon," and claims to be the victim of voodoo stalkers. Pierre says she's found everything from chicken feathers and voodoo dolls to pennies and candles in front of her office door during the campaign.

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Exiliado topcommenter

Yeah, that's exactly what North Miami needs now, a wacko for mayor.

Scott Sassin
Scott Sassin

Jesus Christ will be the only one voting for her!

Ralph Schubert
Ralph Schubert

So her entire campaign platform are absolute lies. She will definitely get elected.

Alex LaPorta
Alex LaPorta

And we all know who has more power in Miami.

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