Which Loser Will Replace North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre?

North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre
It's not gonna be easy to follow the dictatorial footsteps of North Miami Mayor Andre Pierre. Throughout his tenure as the city's head cheese, Pierre had done just about everything to attract the kind of attention usually reserved for a small nation's despot. His campaign manager was arrested for allegedly taking bribes. He purchased dozens of police-style badges for his cronies. He had to pay the Florida ethics commission a $8,000 fine for failing to properly report campaign contributions on his 2011 campaign reports. He didn't disclose he was an advisor to the developers of the Biscayne Landing project. And Pierre and his buddies regularly used the city's athletic stadium for pick up soccer games without paying $38,000 in rental fees.

It's gonna be sad to see the termed-out Pierre go next Tuesday when North Miami voters head to the polls to pick a new mayor. However, half of the eight candidates vying to replace Pierre have a good shot of continuing his legacy of dysfunctional, corrupt governance.

Anna Pierre (no relation to Andre)
Before becoming a registered nurse who opened a health clinic for Haitian Americans in North Miami in the early 2000s, Pierre was a pop star in her home country who sang a tune that would make 2 Live Crew proud. She sang the Creole-language hit "Suk Su Bon Bon," which translates to "Put some sugar on the candy." In the song's lyrics, Pierre demands that her husband make it sweet or else she'll leave him. Last month, Pierre told the Miami Herald and NBC6 that someone is using vodou to foil her campaign. She claimed she found candles, food offerings, and dolls with pins stuck in them in front of her office door over the last three months.

Lucie Tondreau
A political operative who supported Pierre's campaigns, Tondreau has specialized in divide-and-conquer elections by using the old us-against-them card. Using her popular program on Haitian radio as her pulpit, Tondreau is always telling her fellow constituents to vote for Haitian Americans, even if they are horrible candidates. In the past, Tondreau has worked on the campaigns of state Rep. Daphne Campbell, who has been dogged by several investigations pertaining to her assisted living facilities, and former state Rep. Philip Brutus, who was accused by his ex-wife of not paying $28,000 in child support and who had to pay $3553 in fines to the Florida Elections Commission in 2000 for filing late campaign reports.

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I just hope Lucie Tondreau's office staff and the people she surrounds herself with aren't like the people she hired to campaign for her. They not only ask you who you voted for when you tell them you've voted but they are extremely rude and have no clue what she stands for when asked. Just the same "she has served us for 25 years line", as if when she was "serving" she wasn't working and getting paid. Besides she supported  Pierre's campaign and look how he wasted the city's money on all this beautification crap that didn't work and how corrupt he is. A friend of his is not the mayor I want. 

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

And what do they all have in common?   All big Government, Pro-Cronyism, Anti-Business, Nanny State Liberals.



Christ, how about one decent candidate.   Also, enough with the Haitians, they've proved they can't govern without being corrupt.

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