Abused Kids Will Never Be Safe Until DCF Is Fixed

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Alex Izaguirre
Uncle Luke, the man whose booty shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke speaks up for neglected, abused children.

It's time to abolish or overhaul the Florida Department of Children and Families, the worst government agency in the history of the state. Unless Gov. Rick Scott takes drastic action, more kids will end up dead because of DCF's incompetence. Their blood is on his hands.

The latest tragedy involves 4-year-old Antwan Hope, who was found dead in his mother Destene Simmons' Coral Springs apartment June 10. DCF should have been familiar with Simmons, because a year ago she reportedly took the child to a motel and tried to smother him with a pillow.

Yet despite the objections of Antwan's guardian ad litem, DCF wanted to return the little boy to Simmons, and Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer sided with DCF. If the goal is to stop child abuse, why would DCF return a child to someone who is harming her kid?

Unfortunately, Antwan is just one of the many helpless victims DCF sentences to death. Last October 16, DCF case workers ignored a call from a Hallandale Beach police officer reporting claims by Brittney Sierra that she hadn't seen her 1-year-old son, Dontrell Melvin, for 15 months. The agency never bothered to investigate, even though his extended family had been the subject of about 30 calls to its child welfare hotline. A week later, police found the boy's skeletal remains in the backyard of the home in which his parents used to live.

Dontrell's case occurred less than two years after the death of Nubia Barahona, murdered by her adoptive parents who repeatedly fooled DCF workers into dismissing abuse complaints. And who can forget Rilya Wilson, who prosecutors say was killed by her caregiver, Geralyn Graham. A DCF caseworker didn't discover Rilya was no longer with Graham until 2002, two years after the woman was granted custody. Graham was recently convicted of aggravated child abuse and kidnapping, but Rilya's body has yet to be found.

I've personally seen DCF's failure. Several years ago, a relative showed up at my house after her mom viciously attacked her, leaving her with two black eyes. The police came to my home, took her statement, and referred the case to DCF -- which did nothing.
Instead of worrying about drug-testing welfare recipients or squashing Obamacare, Scott should focus on cleaning house at DCF. The agency is a joke. It's set up to pass the buck. Let law enforcement agencies and prosecutors bust child abusers.

But Scott won't do it because a majority of the children DCF is supposed to protect come from poor, minority families -- the last people the governor wants to help.

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Luke is absolutely right about DCF but should include FCS (Family Court Services) as well! Linda Fieldsto ne has been running this program for way to long. She believes in keeping kids seeing both parents even when the signs of abuse are in her face she refuses to see or acknowledge it. Sadly she in 1 visit decides a child's future and many times has put a child back together with an abusive parent meanwhile stating that the other parent is alienating the child. Same goes for Judge Valerie Manno who got the Barahona kid killed!

Meanwhile this occurs daily in South Florida courts Linda Fieldstone is the head of Family Court Services in Miami Dade and the court system allows her to destroy children's lives as she is the say all be all and there is no choice or out for parents if it was court ordered to go to her a program that mainly pays the unethical lying Fieldstone from our taxes! She knows she can get away with it and has for over a decade taking payoffs is the word on the streets! She thinks all black women are angry and that the children belong with their fathers!


1. Doing nothing. There are, in fact, cases in which the investigated family is entirely innocent and perfectly ca-pable of taking good care of their children without any “help” from a child welfare agency. In such cases, the best thing the child protective services worker can do is apologize, shut the door, and go away. 2. Basic, concrete help. Sometimes it may take some-thing as simple as a rent subsidy, or a place in a day care center (to avoid a “lack of supervision” charge) to keep a family together. Indeed, the federal Department of Hous-ing and Urban Development has a Family Unification Program, in which Section 8 vouchers are reserved for families where housing is the issue keeping a family apart or threatening its breakup. Localities must apply for these subsidies. By doing so, they effectively acknowl-edge what they typically deny: that they do, in fact, tear apart families due to lack of housing. CONTACT: Ruth White, Executive Director National Center for Housing and Child Welfare (866) 790-6766, info@nchcw.org. Ms. White also is a member of the NCCPR Board of Directors.


Ten things you need to know about the structure of the CRC:


Luke is right. 

you and your children well never be safe as long as their is a government agency that has the unconstitutional ability to take children with out due process. If a child is being abused it is the police who should come in and arrest the prep. and social workers can help find the family. it is not the place of so called half educated social workers who where trained from a modernized manual on eugenics and racialism to investigate a crime! their so called family court system has one purpose and that is to destroy families and make bank off of the process, thank of the social workers , therapist, lawyers, judges , psychologist and psychiatric doctors and doctors and transporters and guardian ad lie ms that this whole system supports. your child is supporting a who damn industry and if you think their going to over haul it you all damn ignorant and just foolish to think that the only thing that going to get done is the system will include more system sucks to draw state and fed dollar. the only way these damn monster well be stop is , what it has ever taken to stop monsters!  remember the mob with touches and pitch forks folks, well better find where you can get a few and raise some hell or it well be your child who s blood is used to grease the system. .




Likewise, innocent parents will never be safe from DCF agent's lies and fabrications

Leonard Henderson
American Family Rights


Why don't you reach out to Frederica Wilson and have her do something besides worrying about which hat to wear when she makes a public appearance?

kirkslade1 topcommenter

Luke, you are useless. Your last post about black beach weekend had over 130 responses. Over 95% of the feedback was negative. This post you try to appeal to pity by defending children. You probably would have received better responses, but your last paragraph brings it all back to you and your racist views. It's not about kids, it's about the black pity party. If the government stepped in and starting taking babies from ghetto mothers like you are asking, your next article would be about the government singling out ghetto mothers! By the way, how are your five kids from four different mothers? Great role model Luke. You should go back to rapping about slapping bitches and raping hoes. The fact that you have a job is appalling!


@kirkslade1 It never ceases to amaze me that idiots like you troll Lukes Gospel just to be a hater. You should seriously see a psychologist for your inner demons that still seem to haunt you from childhood. You obviously missed the entire point of the article, why?  Because you read this column through your own insecurities and personal demons.  Therefore this prevents you from comprehending.  DCF needs an overhaul, the world needs treatment for those suffering from mental illness (including yourself), amongst other things that can help save our children.  You wouldn't see that because you yourself are a product of a broken home, raised by a parent who had issues which were never addressed, and as such you seek to place blame on men in general for all your shortcomings and problems, which is probably why you troll Luke's Gospel posting in frustration because you're in fact frustrated with yourself. 

kirkslade1 topcommenter

@Anon @kirkslade1 Wow! You are able to see all of that from my post. I'm impressed. Tell me wise one, have you ever read an article written by Luke that isn't racially motivated? As far as saving our children, do you think Luke should be permitted to comment on them at all? Should we all have 5 kids from 4 mothers? Is that ghetto fab? Here is a sample from your boy. Maybe you should be a hater!!!"There's only one place where we can go

To see freaky hoes doin' shows
Doin' tricks to make us holler
On a giving night, all for a dollar
Silicone breasts, all on their chests
Nothin' like others, but above the rest
They'll do anything to turn us on
Them hoes got it goin' on!!

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