Actually, Miami Is America's Fifth Dumbest Metro Area

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Yesterday, real estate blog Movoto surprisingly declared Miami as America's 10th smartest city, but you'd have to be pretty dumb to actually believe that.

A new set of data from actually declared the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-Palm Beach metro area as America's fifth dumbest metro area. Womp. Womp.

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Billing itself as the "web's #1 brain training program," Lumosity offers online tools to help its users reach their brain's full potential. Special attention is placed on speed, memory, flexibility, attention and problem solving skills. To come up with the rankings the site analyzed data from its users across the country.

Out of the 478 metro areas analyzed the South Florida metro area came in at 474th. Yes, the fifth dumbest in the country. Yep, only El Centro, California; Kinston, North Carolina; Laredo, Texas; and Lumberton, North Carolina, were ranked lower.

However, larger metro areas didn't tend to do well overall in the rankings. The NYC area, for example, is at 382nd.

Lumosity does offer some services in Spanish, but it's not clear whether results from those games were included.

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frankd4 topcommenter

the difference really is those other SMARTer places have some of the best of the best INCREASING their total standing as a whole YET what we have here is the dumbest of the dumb who cannot make it anywhere else DRAGGING us DOWN (and yes most of down here are rejects from elsewhere)

it's how we get J E B ! and allen west and OH MARco ! as elected leaders - these clowns could NEVER get elected anywhere else

it's how we have UNlicensed public transit bus drivers and ILLITERATE high school seniors and a $562,ooo,ooo stadium with the loosingest team in baseball playing in it and unsustainable urban sprawl with commutes that people cannot afford and on and on and on

Phil Ramirez
Phil Ramirez

Miami can't be as dumb or dumbest than Hialeah... UNLIKELY!!

Exiliado topcommenter


Has any of you played those luminosity games?

Do you really think those games are a good measure of intelligence? 


You just wanted to put Miami down, that's all. Guess who's really dumb.

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