Allen West on Challenging Marco Rubio: "God Will Set My Feet on the Right Path"

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Will Marco Rubio see a surprise primary challenge in 2016 from Allen West? That's up to God.

West was a guest on conservative talker Larry O'Connor's radio show yesterday, and the host asked West if he would consider challenging Rubio. At first West was pretty blunt, offering a "no," but as the discussion went on, he seemed to leave the door open.

"That's a pretty heavy lift, because you're talking about running against a sitting senator, and then, of course, that creates that schism that the other side would love to see happen," West said according to The Huffington Post.

O'Conner pointed out, however, that the strategy would be similar to what Rubio originally did to Charlie Crist in 2010.

"If I see people that are not taking our country down the right path, if I see people that are not standing up for the right type of principles, and putting their own party politics before what is best for the United States of America," West continued.

Eventually he landed on, "We'll see what happens down the pike ... God will set my feet on the right path."

So all it took was a little bit of needling and egging on from West go from "no," to "well ... maybe."

West also expressed some concerns about Rubio's immigration bill, noting, "I think the bill now is up to 1,075 pages -- Once again, the American people don't trust that."

Apparently Americans don't trust anything over five pages (double-spaced, 14-point font ... just like our college term papers).

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drakemallard topcommenter

Seriously , I have no idea who thought it was a good thing that Congress is able to vote for their own benefits and raises.”  

“the republican party is not party it's a mental condition”

drakemallard topcommenter

Marco Rubio, was paying thousands to Bovo's firm absentee voting 78,223 absentee votes, compared to 26,533 for Meek and 25,478 for Crist.

This is a real problem here and the disparity in registrations for democrats v. Repbus voters this year is astounding. Add the fraud you brought up in your post we should have FBI, DOJ investigating the results of  Rick Scott and  marco rubio”

Scott is not the only prominent GOP member in Florida with close ties to the absentee-ballot fraud machine. Consider Marco Rubio's famous U.S. Senate victory.

Helping Rubio cruise to a surprise win was a political consulting firm owned by Viviana Bovo, the wife of county Commissioner Esteban Bovo. She was paid $19,637 for "political strategy" and "consulting" by Rubio's campaign.

Rainy Kinchen
Rainy Kinchen

God has already set his feet on the right path...that's why he lost his seat! Sorry we're not sorry!

Marianoell Gomez Arguello
Marianoell Gomez Arguello

God will set your feet on the right path OUT THE DOOR, and maybe, just maybe not allow the door to hit his ass on the way out.

D.f. Basora
D.f. Basora

Hmmm let's see replacing one shithead w/another shithead. Tough choice....

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