Channel 10 Had Some Problems Identifying Who Won Game 7

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screencap via Deadspin
OK, so Channel 10's snafu last night doesn't rise halfway to the level of the Miami Herald running an ad two years ago congratulating the Heat for winning a title the morning after a brutal loss to the Dallas Mavericks.

But still, guys, check those graphics before you go live.

The real question is why Channel 10 had the "Game 7 Loss" graphic all queued up. No faith in LBJ? Too awed by Duncan?

Then again, it was technically accurate, because someone did lose Game 7.

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Fernando Buch
Fernando Buch

was that you Alex Anico? i think i have it recorded

Cee Kamacho
Cee Kamacho

Miami Herald identifies Tim Duncan as a Heat player in their recount of last night's game! Proof reading anyone??

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

Did anyone record the part of the Local 10 broadcast where they showed a guy on top of his truck who used his Miami heat flag to simulate jerking off only to then get busted by cops live on tv? Lolol

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