Chris Bosh Got Into a Fight with a Piece of Confetti Last Night

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Chris Bosh: intergalactic space prince, man of a million video bombs, certified velociraptor-ostrich hybrid, Aubrey Plaza's own personal Jesus, two-time NBA champion, and just a dude who has a hard time with confetti.

LeBron may by the Heat's MVP, but Bosh is by far our most valuable meme.

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Kzm Ufc
Kzm Ufc

HAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!! What a fucking mug on handiman Bosch!! Only a momma with Downs Syndrome would love it!!!

Sha Almont
Sha Almont

LMAO this dude NEVER gets a day off...


lmao this dude NEVER gets a day off... roflrofl 

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