Key Deer Rescued After Getting Head Stuck in Doritos Bag

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Deer, what are you doing with that Doritos bag on your head? You're a deer. You're not supposed to eat Doritos. Silly deer, get it together.

Slightly humorous situation aside, this is why, after you've polished off an entire bag of greasy corn chips, you should take the extra 30 seconds to make sure it is disposed of properly; otherwise, it could end up wrapped around a deer's head. And as we've noted, deers are not supposed to eat Doritos.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office
A Monroe County sheriff's deputy noticed the deer on Big Pine Key while on patrol late Saturday night. The deputy noticed that the bag (we're guessing of the jalapeño and cheddar variety) had become stuck on the deer's face. The deputy was able to remove it without a struggle from the deer.

Key deer are an endangered species. So you're probably laughing at this situation but still kind of feeling bad about it. Just make a promise to yourself not to litter anymore and feel free to chuckle.

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you realize deer is how you say it weather there are 1 or more then one there no such thing as deer's unless you like 6 year sold just putting it out there...

Pedro Santana
Pedro Santana

this is why Deers should not be allowed to smoke weed.

Christina Bauer
Christina Bauer

Tostitos everybody!!! Tostitos!!! (no-one has figured it out yet?)

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