Flo Rida's Manager Got Tossed From the Heat Game For Screaming at Pacers Players

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TNT screencap via Deadspin
Flo Rida, all by his lonesome after the ejection
David Beckham was there. So was Justin Bieber, who dressed like a leather daddy to celebrate the return of Arrested Development. But of all the famous faces who peppered the crowd at last night's Game Seven against Indiana, it was Flo Rida, his gigantic Jesus piece, and his manager who stole the show.

Flo's manager was ejected toward the end of the game for getting into a screaming match with Pacers reserve Jeff Pendergraph.

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The scuffle broke out with just over two minutes left in a game the Heat had already wrapped up by blowing up the Pacers. Pendergraph flipped out after setting an illegal screen on Norris Cole and shoved him out of bounds. Cole stared down Pendergraph and that's when Flo Rida's manager decided it was time to regulate:

In the end, Cole, Pendergraph and Flo Rida's unnamed manager all got the boot. The Heat got the Eastern Conference trophy. And as Bieber presumably went off to audition for the Blue Man Group to complete his destiny, all was right with the world.

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Nancy Reid
Nancy Reid

Wonder how much that bauble weighted

Yaser Castro
Yaser Castro

La porbre viejita cagada del miedo. Christian Hernandez


"Flo Rida's unnamed manager"??? He has a name. It took me less than one second on Google to discover it. His "street" name is Freezy, and his legal name is Lee Prince. He owns Strong Arm Management.

What kind of "journalism" do y'all allow these days???

Ferny Prego
Ferny Prego

My favorite part about that whole scene was Udonis waving to Pendergraph to come over to the Heat bench. You wanna push someone, come push UD papa!

Yaser Castro
Yaser Castro

Rex Estaban Christian Hernandez Remember you guys asking who got kicked out?

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