Florida Man Murders Three Co-Workers Because They Made Fun of Him For Being a Poor Shot

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Pranking your co-workers can be fun and all, but do try and make sure that your prank victim is mentally stable. Or else things can go terribly wrong.

Andrew Joseph Lobban, 31, was arrested and charged with three counts of first degree murder after gunning down three of his co-workers outside of a bar earlier that morning.

The shootings occured around 12:43 a.m. outside a sports bar called A.J.'s on the Square, according to The Orlando-Sentinel. Two of the victims were shot in the head and pronounced dead on the sidewalk outside of the bar. The third was pronounced dead after being taken to a hospital. Police later recovered a 9mm handgun from a trash can.

The victims have been identified Benjamin Larz Howard, 23, Belleview; Jerry Lamar Bynes Jr., 20, Ocala; and Josue Santiago, 25, Ocala.

All three had worked with Lobban as bouncers at an Ocala nightclub called Ocala Entertainment Complex.

Police fingered Lobban as a suspect. He told police that one of the men had "punk'd" him and filmed the incident. He had show the video to the other two men, and they had all apparently been teasing Lobban about the incident.

No word yet on what exactly the prank involved.

Update: Turns out the video that enraged Lobban wasn't so much a prank, but footage of him messing up at a shooting range. According to Gawker, the video involved Lobban misfiring at a shooting range. Santiago was the co-worker who filmed the incident, and Lobban believed that Santiago had tampered with the gun before hand. He was upset that Bynes and Howard had seen the video and teased him for beign a bad shot.

However, Lobban claims he only meant to shoot Santiago, but ended up shooting the other two as well. The tragic irony here is that accidentally shooting two people doesn't exactly disprove that he was a bad shot.

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Throw your life away because you can't take a joke? Too bad the others had to lose their lives because of one guy whose life isn't worth a pinch of salt.

Exiliado topcommenter

---   "Police fingered Lobban as a suspect."   ----

 He was "fingered" by police. Hilarious!

Now, seriously:

<<BEFOREHAND>> is ONE WORD. "Before hand" is incorrect. And it should be "He had shown the video."


wtf is wrong with ppl these days ashton kutcher punked just about every celebrity and he didnt get shot and this so called prank is a fing joke what a fing piece of shit ends 3 ppls lives extremely early and ruined there families lives and threw his own out the window because a couple ppl laughed at him what a psychopath i say death penalty and make it as painful as possible fing bullshit 

frankd4 topcommenter

he should be given compensation, like a commission, for taking three future long-term welfare recipients off the rolls (even at ($10,000) per year for each one (3) times (20) years is a SAVINGS OF $600,ooo) not including many many other social services and support these three would have qualified for


Dude takes pride in how he run that Gat yo !


@frankd4 DUDE!  WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!  The story is about a guy shooting his CO-WORKERS!!! Florida Man Murders 3 CO-WORKERS Because They Made Fun of Him For Being a Poor Shot! 

frankd4 topcommenter

@zeldaj123 @frankd4 

those "workers" at the ocala entertainment complex were ALL BLACK drug dealers using that "J O B" as cover - all were on welfare living in section 8 housing and claiming disability support and government assistance

the shooter "saved" the government a ton of money that would have been spent on these free-loaders by eliminating them from the welfare roll = period

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