Florida Prisoner Charged With Using Genitals to Toss Salad

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This is a story about tossing salad in prison.

If you've seen Chris Rock's Bring the Pain stand-up special, you might have an idea of where this story is going. But, no, it's not actually going there. This tale actually involves lettuce.

Anthony Gentile, 41, an inmate at the Manatee County Jail, had been assigned to kitchen duty, according to the Sun-Sentinel. He was tasked with preparing salad but decided to add his own extra touch to the recipe: mainly residue from his junk.

First, Gentile allegedly shoved a spoon down his pants and rubbed it against his Gentile genitals. Apparently that wasn't enough, because he then took his junk out and flopped it around directly in the bowl. Then, just for good measure, he spit in the salad.

Gentile then asked a female prison employee to taste the salad. Which she did.

He then bragged to fellow inmates that "The b--ch is out there eating it."

Because several other inmates knew what was going on, Gentile was caught. He now faces charges of battery of a facility employee by expelling fluids.

Now, just in case for some reason you want to watch that Chris Rock bit:

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thats so stupid because you already only get the bare minimum of food in there and now you dont get a salad wtf is wrong with ppl he should have to be put on the sexual predator listing for molesting a cabbage patch kid 

frankd4 topcommenter

another reason i'm NOT a VEGAN

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