How the Heat Celebrated: LeBron, Wade Partied With Drake at Story, Battier Went to Denny's

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LeBron dunks some pizza while Drake raps.
You're a freshly crowned, back-to-back NBA champ. The world is your oyster, and you're in one of the greatest party cities on Earth. Where do you live it up?

LeBron, D-Wade, Ray Allen, and Udonis Haslem all celebrated their new rings at Story Nightclub in South Beach, dancing onstage with Drake while eating from a giant box of pizza. Shane Battier, meanwhile, ate a Grand Slam at Denny's.

Drake led the party at Story for the Heat players who showed up, a group that eventually included Norris Cole and even Erik Spoelstra, according to NBC6.

"It was the bomb," a local rapper named PrimaDonna told the station. "You hear LeBron, you would have thought Lil Wayne was in the building. He said, 'Look me in the face -- I ain't got no worries.' I said, 'Woooo, we won a championship!'"

Lucky for the Heat, Drake decided not to grudge on the team after getting shut out of the locker room after the win. The rapper was caught on video looking stunned when a security guard refused to let him in.

Not all the Heat players went quite so baller with their parties last night. Shane Battier, who stroked six threes for 18 points in Game 7, went to Denny's:

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fire.ant topcommenter

God bless Shane Battier, man of the people.


The following article is absolutely incredible. It was written before the game and is even better now.

Its about LeBron  - and redemption.

Game 7 Offers LeBron Something Jordan Never Had

Here's a great paragraph.

"Jordan will live the rest of his life never having failed in the NBA Finals, or having been ridiculed mercilessly for doing so, and Mike never needed to summon the will to succeed when the entire world knew he was experiencing a crisis in confidence (the “flu game” was about his body, not belief). His Airness knew no such mortal defects, and we deified him for his perceived perfection, but failure is at the very core of being human, and overcoming the scars it leaves on our psyche is a testament to a different of kind of greatness, one that requires vanquishing adversaries of our own making, while offering a reward that’s far more personal."

I highly recommend checking it out.

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